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10 pointers from a prosperous Kenyan real estate investor

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So how come some people become real estate moguls and achieve immense success, whereas most investors burn their fingers off the moment they try their hand at investing? What makes certain people stand out from others when it comes to buying and selling real estate? Learn the traits and behaviors that catapult beginners to the top of the field. Ten suggestions for becoming a successful real estate investor are listed below:

Go into real estate as a profession, not a hobby.

You must dedicate your entire career to the real estate industry if you hope to make any significant income from it.

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There is usually a significant financial exchange when buying or selling real estate, therefore this cannot be taken lightly. In addition, one must manage never-ending negotiations and attend meetings with prospective customers. These all take a significant amount of time and are not merely hobbies. 

Create and thoroughly understand an area of expertise.

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Expert investors claim that newcomers to the real estate market frequently fail because they don’t know what area of expertise to pursue. As a result, they struggle in the dark to be masters of all professions and ultimately give up. Real estate encompasses a variety of activities, including flipping, wholesaling, vacant land transactions, and real estate investment trusts (REITs). A prospective investor must carefully choose and explore one area. This will facilitate the acquisition of comprehensive knowledge in that specific subject, so enabling individuals to maintain a competitive edge.

Recognize when to seek experts

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When they first start out in real estate, a lot of people want to handle everything themselves and don’t want to work with experts like builders, attorneys, realtors, and appraisers. This is typically an attempt to cut expenses because the general investor population believes that experts charge a high fee for their services.

Be honest and ethical.

The high degree of dishonesty in land transactions in the nation is one issue that many real estate sector participants find particularly upsetting. Criminals appear to be making a lot of money off of the sale of land with fictitious or fake titles. Because of this, Kenyans are often dubious about real estate investing.

Opportunities to generate quick cash under the table are bound to present themselves to those who enter the real estate investing market. In this industry, honesty is such a rare quality that those who possess it rapidly become titans and industry leaders.

It’s unrealistic to anticipate becoming wealthy quickly.

These days, a lot of people wishing to enter the real estate market lack the patience to stick with it and build trustworthy companies. They never care to learn that the industry needs perseverance; they always want to start investing today and make millions tomorrow.

Real estate professionals are typically astute individuals who can quickly identify those in the industry who are only in it for the money.

Create effective networks

Every successful real estate agent surrounds themselves with a network of valuable people in the business. Acknowledge that while being in competition with one another, realtors should collaborate.

But you should do a comprehensive background check on a corporation before signing on as a partner. This kind of investigation is crucial to prevent forming a collaboration with questionable entities that could damage one’s reputation. 

Embrace technology

It is common known that technology is evolving quickly, but investors must keep up with these changes or risk having their business fail.

 You have maintained your competitive edge because you constantly seek to integrate cutting-edge technology into your business processes. For example, you may employ a cloud-based management system that your clients, agents, and homeowners can instantly access from anywhere. An additional excellent potential is social media.

Make purchases based on facts and figures, not emotions.

Seek professional evaluation before purchasing real estate, and never go beyond the valuation price by even a small amount. Rather than doing business with someone just to please close friends and family, joint venture partners should choose each other based on the other’s real estate expertise. Try to stay away from doing business with close family members. 

Remain educated.

One must continually stay up to date on new real estate developments in order to adjust to the constantly shifting political and economic scene. Read real estate publications and stay up to date on political events.

Gain proficiency in both negotiating and communication.

The whole point of the real estate business is to interact with prospective customers and persuade them to sign on the dotted line. A deal mostly depends on the skill of speech, which is typically difficult to understand.

It is imperative to evaluate an individual’s communication abilities prior to forming a commercial agreement with them. Selling is the main activity in real estate, and selling requires excellent communication skills, which are not always taught in the classroom.

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