How to book online for NTSA motor Vehicle Inspection.

  • Go to the NTSA website,
  • Click the “Book for Motor I Vehicle Inspections” link ( under “Quick Links.”
  •  After entering your ID number, click the search button.
  • Press the search icon after entering your first name exactly as it appears in the ID (the other fields are blocked).
  • Enter your phone number (beginning with 254), password (your ID by default), username (your mobile number by default), and password confirmation. Click Create after subscribing to an SMS alert.
  • Fill out the form to establish an account.
  • Open the freshly created account and log in.
  • Press the “Book for inspection” button on the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Attach motors
  • Choose a vehicle class. PSV/Business/Private (Click Next)
  • Indicate the mode of payment. NB: There are instructions for each payment method that you should follow. Ensure that the correct unique number is used.
  • Click “Complete Payment” once you’ve received a payment message.
  • Make an inspection reservation (A button upper right).
  • Choose the day and inspection center. The current date as per the booking is the default date. (You can adjust), then select Booking from the menu next to the date.
  • Print the token or QR code.
  • On the designated date and time, bring the car in for inspection at the chosen center.
  • The reservation is good for 14 days starting on the reservation date. The booking must be made anew after 14 days.