Morocco’s super app ORA Technologies secures $1 million to democratize access to e-commerce and digital payment solutions


Morocco-based super app ORA Technologies has closed a $1 million pre-seed funding from local private investors.

Founded in 2023 by Omar Alami and six others, Ora app offers multiple features, including P2P transactions, an e-commerce platform, on-demand services, chat functionality, social networking, and a digital wallet to be launched soon.The company claims to have garnered 140,000 downloads.

This funding underscores the exceptional growth potential and strong support for ORA , a groundbreaking Moroccan super-app.

ORA Technologies is committed to democratizing access to e-commerce and digital payment solutions for customers, vendors, and service providers across Morocco. The company consolidates numerous essential functions within a single app, allowing users to chat, buy and sell products, make payments, book services, transfer money, share hobbies, and even receive directions to various points of interest.

What sets ORA Technologies apart is the discreet and unique achievement of raising $1 million in pre-seed funding within the Moroccan ecosystem, a fact that has garnered significant attention and interest. 

The success of ORA Maroc and the support from local private investors underline ORA Technologies’ commitment to pioneering inclusive, accessible, and innovative digital solutions for the people of Morocco. The company looks forward to continued growth and serving the needs of its expanding user base.