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Five popular online transport services in Kenya

Kenya has several online transport services but for now lets look at top five.

1. Uber

Offers reliable ride-hailing services in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa.

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Todays leading online leading app by far, Uber was founded in 2009 before any other app and it dominated quickly the Kenyan online services. It faced more challenges since it was trying to penetrate the market where online transport services had not been introduced.

2. Bolt (formerly (Taxify):

Another widely used ride-hailing platform operating in several Kenyan cities. It started by the name taxify which related well with common street name (TAXI) But with time they changed their name to (BOLT) which implies speed as well as electricity. Its the second online app that serves a wide range of services. Eg food and parcel deliveries ,motorbike rides and cars which is always at your door steps.

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3. Little Cab:

A local competitor to Uber and Bolt, offering ride-hailing services with a focus on safety and affordability. Little Cab has also pushed its services to Kenyan and it has introduced multiple mobilities including Taxi, Shuttles, Logistics and executive Vehicles. This has scaled up the transportation services in the country.

4. Faras:

Is a newly launched cab-hailing service in Nairobi, Kenya and expanding city by city in Kenya providing on-demand rides in Nairobi and other cities. The firm provides tech-enabled mass transit solution and aims to be an alternative for Uber and Bolt and SafeCar, its three biggest competitors.

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5. SafeBoda:

Offers motorcycle taxi services (boda-bodas) with a focus on safety and quality. Was launched in 2015 that main focus is on the improving safety of Motorcycle-taxi’s in Kenya through driver safety and provision of passenger helmet. SafeBoda also recently launched SafeCar, to take on Uber and Bolt and increase its revenue streams from just boda boda motorcycle hailing services.

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