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The first alternative app store for iOS devices, AltStore PAL, launches in Europe

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Following pressure from the EU, Apple has been compelled to allow third-party app stores on its iOS platform, leading to the emergence of the first alternative to the default App Store, known as AltStore PAL.

While AltStore PAL has been in existence since 2019, it was previously accessible through methods that involved bypassing Apple’s restrictions. However, with the enforcement of the EU Commission’s DMA, AltStore PAL is now easily accessible to users who are willing to navigate through Apple’s prompts regarding the installation of apps from other sources.
To access the new store, users are required to pay a nominal annual fee of €1.50, which covers Apple’s Core Technology Fee necessary for the operation of AltStore PAL on iOS devices. This alternative app store also offers enhanced integration with Patreon, facilitating support for developers who share beta versions of their apps, a feature not available on Apple’s default App Store.
Furthermore, the developers of AltStore PAL are introducing their app Delta to Apple’s official App Store. Delta, although not new, was previously unavailable on the default App Store. It functions as a game emulator, supporting a variety of gaming consoles such as NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS.
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