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Celebrating Women in Engineering

For a long time in history, engineering was considered to be a man’s field with very few women. The image of an engineer was that of a muscular person wearing a helmet and covered with grease or some form of dirt, depending on the field where they were working. That ...

4 Apps Every Woman Should Own

People tend to assume that women don't know how to use tech but I disagree. Perhaps we don't utilize our phones as much as we probably should. We get on social media and set our alarms and we think that we have done enough. While a phone is just meant ...

Why Women Can’t Sustain Themselves in Tech

Why can't women sustain themselves in Tech? is a question most women & men alike have asked themselves at one point or another. Dr. Chao Mbogo, a  researcher & Lecturer explored this question during the African women in tech conference held at Kenyatta University and had some interesting perspective. https://youtu.be/snqP0tOsfYo

What Men Can Do to Help Women in Tech

  It is no secret that women still face a lot of challenges in the workplace today, especially in the tech industry. The glass-ceiling debate is one of the oldest debates that is still ranging on today despite the many milestones & inventions  human beings have achieved over the decade. ...

Misconceptions About Women in Tech

There is a lot of misconception about women in tech especially in Africa. some say they are too pretty to do tech while others say they are not pretty which is which? TechMoran decided to set the record straight by interviewing three women in the tech industry about their experience. ...

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