Mary Gicharu Appointed New Managing Director of iHub

iHub has been a leading force in innovation in Kenya. It has provided an incubator and hacker space for people with creative minds since its inception in 2010. Over the years it... Read more »

Kamal Bhattacharya Quits iHub For Safaricom After Saying ‘I Am Not Leaving’

The exit of Kama Bhattacharya from iHub will come as a surprise or shock to the employees and stakeholders in the startup/tech industry of one of Nairobi’s leading innovation hub because he... Read more »

Kenya’s Nailab Seed Fund to Invest Ksh 2.5m into Local Startups

Nailab Seed Limited, an angel fund founded by Nailab and Fair & Sustainable Participations is calling for applications for startups to apply and stand a chance to raise Ksh 2.5m. According to... Read more »

Kenya’s BRCK launches Moja free public Wi-Fi & SupaBRCK, its newer version you might find useful

Kenya’s BRCK has launched SupaBRCK,a connected rugged microserver powered by a dual core Intel 64-BIT processor with a up to 5TB of hard drive space and a 10-hour onboard battery life. SupaBRCK... Read more »

iHub Nairobi to unveil new home

iHub, which has been looking for a new home to pursue its new found dreams, will be taking the 5th and 6th floors of the newly finished Senteu Plaza located on the... Read more »

iHub’s new CEO to help it double down on commercialization

iHub’s new CEO Dr. Kamal Bhattacharya says his new focus as CEO is to understand the organizations customers and provide value to them as the firm moves to commercialization. “We have access to... Read more »

Deliverus wins the +254 Rising Entrepreneurship Competition

I kid you not; I had come up with the exact same concept for a mobile application that recently won the +254 Rising Entrepreneurship Competition, shame on me for not taking action... Read more »