The Launching April In Kenya To Accelerate African Startups Online


startupangelTheStartupAngel accelerator programme is set to launch its first online accelerator programme in a move to help startups in Africa that have not yet received funding or not in incubators but with a potential to grow huge., run by B Success Network, LLC.  works with startup entrepreneurs to bring them exposure, funding and network. The programme was founded by Giang  Biscan, an advisor to, a US startup mentorship programme through events and firesight chats with proven entreprenuers founded by Andrew Warner and other renowned tech investors .

Giang Biscan, PhD.  ( in 1997 founded an internet startup, which she sold in 1998 and has worked in the tech and real estate sectors and has a technology transfer service for telecommunication & pneumatic equipment from Australia and Europe to Vietnam.
She has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Newcastle in Australia, and an MBA from UCLA.

Several stats show that many startups in Africa fail due to inadequate skills and mentorship which the programme seek to address via its  3 days per week for 6 weeks interaction with the mentors to measure the progress and ability of the teams to execute. Successful startups will be provided with seed funding if the mentors are satisfied with them.

The programme is already signing up the first batch of startups to start with across Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa ,Ghana and Nigeria.

The first batch will start the work on early April. TheStartupAngel  in Africa is open to all startups especially those not in incubators or accelerators. mLab East Africa also has a similar programme online set to reach out to the many entreprenuers across the region. These efforts will build the mobile and web entreprenueral ecosystem in the region through mentorship.

Mentorship is key in any startup growth and with limited Incubators and accelerators in the region, made young upcoming entrepreneurs fail to get traction and eventually shut down.

Kenya has a line of success startups such as Rupu, Ghaflakenya, Sematime, Kopokopo Inc among others. The lead teams of these startups have been in and out of mentorship networks, incubators and accelerators apart from just raising funds.

To join contact @GiangBiscan or @nextstevejob