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Related Posts providing $250,000 in relief grants for Kenyans affected by floods

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Share this is providing $250,000 in relief grants, while SOS alerts and Search Ads share crucial information and resources to Kenyans affected by the devastating floods, which have caused 228 deaths and displaced 200,000.

“To help support those impacted by the flooding, our philanthropic arm,, has launched an employee giving campaign and is providing $250k in grant funding to support relief and recovery efforts, through the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP),” said Agnes Gathaiya, Country Director, Kenya.

Kenya is grappling with one of the worst flooding disasters in its recent history. The past weeks have seen catastrophic floods and mudslides tear through the country, leaving a trail of devastation. Sadly, 228 lives have been lost to date with another 72 individuals still missing. The scale of the disaster has displaced more than 200,000 people, upending lives and livelihoods across the nation. The relentless rainfall has filled reservoirs to the brim, raising fears of widespread flooding if the dams fail to hold.

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During this flooding period, river discharge levels along the Tana, Mutong, and Sagana reached severe levels and in the Tana and Galana, river discharge is still very high. This forecast is based on data from Google’s Flood Hub platform, which has been tracking forecasted river discharge in five areas designated by the Kenyan government as priority locations, as part of its efforts to use AI for reliable flood forecasting.

Google, which has had an office and employees in Nairobi since 2007 is the go-to platform for information during emergencies and the newly launched SOS alerts will provide people with resources including emergency phone numbers and websites, maps, meteorological information and more. The search giant is also providing Search Ads donations to nonprofits so they can better connect with people in need and provide information on how to help flood victims.

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“Our hearts go out to all those affected by the floods in Kenya.  We will continue to look for ways to help support those impacted,” said Gathaiya.

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