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Zambia’s Zamtel Plans Rural Broadband Roll-out

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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Plans are underway to connect Peri-urban and rural areas in Zambia to broadband services by telecommunications firm Zamtel,the leading telecom in the country.

The company provides a modern Internet service through Zamtel On-line, founded in 1997, including digital subscriber lines (DSL) and wireless access.

The company also aims at investing $4 million to better telecoms infrastructure at Livingstone within a span of three months which include rolling out optic fibre network in various parts of Livingstone, as well as Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula International Airport.
According to Zamtel officials, the rural broadband project will include installing 400 high capacity site for 3G and 2G services.

Zambia’s ICT sector has approximately a million internet users and about seven million phone users, out of a population of 13.2 million. The reason being the country’s internet connectivity is concentrated mainly in urban areas and internet service providers consider rural areas as economically unfeasible to realise their investments.

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