Orange Horizons Opens Physical Stores In South Africa


orange-logoLaunched January this year, Orange Horizons, an Orange subsidiary has opened physical stores in SA and Portugal in a move that will give the firm new business opportunities and offer support to its customers traveling abroad.



Now present in 7 countries the firm has opened physical stores in partnership with local partners such as Nashua Mobile in SA apart from just selling online.

Orange Horizons  has four own-branded corners in stores in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Cape Town. Additional services are provided  to customers travelling from neighboring countries where Orange is already present, such as Botswana, or for customers travelling from France.

Orange expects its roaming customers on tariffs like  “Go Europe”,  to get services such as SIM card replacement, stolen phones notice and replacement, activation of international options, as well as expert assistance in subscribing to the most appropriate roaming pass depending on destination, length of stay and usage.

Orange Horizons stores offer a product range covering the latest smartphones and tablets, as well as high-tech accessories and is also developing over-the-top content country-specific websites to accompany the launch of its e-commerce sites.