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SA Business Hub Wants To Help You Build Amazing Businesses

ilabCo-founded by Ben Botes and Luther Diedericks in 2006, SA Business Hub wants to help entrepreneurs and small business owners in South Africa to build amazing companies in a move the founder says will develop the economy and up people’s living standards.

According to Luther Diedericks, Managing Director & Co-founder of the (SABH) SA Business Hub(Pty)Ltd,  “My venture SA Business Hub is the legacy I would like to leave behind. The intention of the hub is to create a seamless system wherein people and their enterprises can sustainably grow and prosper.”

“My learning to date made me aware of two major stumbling blocks that hinders the realization on my dream.”

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The hub seeks entrepreneurs that need training, consultancy or advise,  those that need to outsource for a skill or get a competent partner.  It aims to develop, present and support them by providing online and offline training and self-help programs, Trainer of trainers program  and bring in consultants to offer services and then physical capacity to host them.

After just two years of running SABH,  Botes left to run his endeavors. But the space had to be there to help entrepreneurs solve their problems.

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Entrepreneurs according to Diedericks have major stumbling blocks in market exploitation and a major investment is required to realize synergy through technology.

most of them have no common understanding of the problem or solution and thus fail to get an integrated approach to business establishment and support.

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“I am in the UK at the moment exploring a possible solution that could provide the Technology on the one side to give small businesses a competitive advantage to improve their sustainability and at the same time generate sufficient cash flow to establish a much need infrastructure and resources to facilitate the support and development.

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