LG Launches Portable Wireless Photo Printer In Kenya

LG East and Central Africa Managing Director, Mr Josep Kim Prints an instant picture using the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer.
LG East and Central Africa Managing Director, Mr Josep Kim Prints an instant picture using the LG Pocket Photo Smart Mobile Printer.

Kenyans will now be able to print photos directly from their smartphones even while still on a picnic or a long safari with the just launched LG Pocket Photo Printer.

The portable wireless printer fits in the palm of one’s hand and can print photos from a smartphone wirelessly, no matter where one is at. The printer has a 40 second print time and fast Bluetooth connection and can take a photo one minute and have it printed out and in one’s hand the next.

The Bluetooth capabilities makes the Pocket Photo easily connect to your smartphone, laptop or other Bluetooth device to print out all of your favourite photos. The device also supports Near Field Communication (NFC).

The stylish LG Pocket Printer is one of the smallest and lightest mobile phone printing devices on the market where users can print on the go and also share photos on social media platforms and online, directly from the device.

The gadget uses inkless printing technology from ZINK. This technology eliminates the need for expensive ink cartridges as it uses heat to activate the color-forming chemistry within the ZINK 2.0 paper. In comparison with conventional printing processes, ZINK’s inkless paper system preserves images longer and produces less smearing.

“Nothing beats a printed photo; it has a visual appeal and realistic touch to it that a digital photo does not offer,” said Josep Kim, the Managing Director of LG East and Central Africa.

“The device is able to sync up to any Android or iOS device –all one needs to do is download the accompanying LG app first – and you can turn out 2×3-inch prints of your favorite memories,” said Mr. Kim. The app even lets you make simple photo edits before printing and stamp QR codes onto them.

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The range of editing tools included on the Pocket Photo app makes it simple to embed QR codes and perform simple changes, including cropping and coloring. With the ability to print QR codes on photographs, the LG Pocket Photo delivers an ingenious way of connecting a physical image to an online community.

The Pocket Photo can be used to print customized birthday invitations, thank you cards, or even business cards with a personal QR code. Printing images with QR codes makes it possible for business owners to connect customers to online information about their brand or upcoming store events.