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Tablets Are Now Dictated By Android

by Caroline Vutagwa
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androidAndroid, a Linux-based operating system designed by Google primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers  has secured a strong 67 percent global share of the global tablet shipment which has reached 51.7 million units between January and April this year. Other OS like Apple iOS have decreased to 28 percent, while Windows decreased as well but managed to secure a 4.5 percent global share, according to Strategy Analytics.

Microsoft bagged a 4.5 percent position in global tablet share in the second quarter of 2013.Windows RT shipment increased in the third quarter after a huge price cut by all the partners still involved in the RT Market.

Microsoft reduced its prices by USD 150 and other vendors even more, but their prices are still not consumer friendly; but the price is still at a competitive range.  The shortage of apps continues to be a problem, with seemingly little incentive for developers to work on the platform.

“Global Branded Tablet shipments reached 36.2 million units in Q2 2013, up 47 percent from 24.6 million in Q2 2012. The branded Tablet market had a rest period as very few new products came to market during the quarter. When we add in White-Box Tablets, shipments reached 51.7 million units, up 43 percent from 36.1 million in Q2 2012.

Android is now making steady progress due to hardware partners like Samsung, Amazon, Google and White-Box tablets which, despite the fact that branded OEMs are lowering price-points and putting pressure on the White-Box manufacturers, are still performing well,” said Peter King, Director of Tablets at Strategy Analytics.

He added that the Apple iOS shipments, there were 14.6 million iPads in the second quarter of 2013 which declined 14 percent annually. He also said that in the same quarter last year the first Retina display iPads were launched which could partly explain the decline as there were no new models in this quarter. However, to compensate that, King said, iPad Mini which was not available a year ago, now freely available was expected to take the figure higher than 14.6 million

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