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CCK License Ten More Digital TV Stations in Kenya

by Vince Matinde
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In its last quarterly report, the Communication Commission of Kenya stated that it has licensed ten more digital stations as the country edges on to the digital migration deadline.

This means that free to air channels are increasing hence adding pressure on existing stations to up their momentum in bringing quality service.

“The Commission continued to ensure plurality and diversity in the broadcasting industry. During the quarter, the Commission issued temporary authorisations to 10 new television (TV) stations to provide TV signals on the digital platform bringing the total number of entities with temporary authorisation to 84,” the commission said in its report.

The total number of FM radio stations stood at 102 while that of existing analogue TV channels, which had activated their TV signal on the digital broadcasting platform, stood at 13 at end of the third quarter.

According to the Business Daily, the liscenses that the commission will release will be thematic and not general. Which means some stations will duly concentrate on sports while others on documentary.

The digital migration intends to increase more content for viewers and also improve on signal quality on all broadcasts.

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