Huawei to Give US$90,000 for Tanzania’s ICT Research Institute


Computer lab

Nelson Mandela African Insitute of Science and Technology in Tanzania, will benefit from a Huawei grant that will aim to build an ICT research institution.

According to the East African Business Week the funds will enable the institution to establish the ICT infrastructure for the next 3 years.

“These funds would be a good source in speeding up the ICT sector in the country. The universities will now have the opportunity to embark more on doing research in the ICT field and its findings would later enable the country make new discoveries in ICT industry,” Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Makame Mbarawa said.

“The ICT development will enable the country to achieve the political, social and economic growth that would also create technological innovation that would play a pivotal role in driving the social and economic development,” Lu Youqing, the Chinese Ambassador to Tanzania said.

The programme is geared to help Masters and PhD students in their work. This will enhance them to conduct accurate research for their thesis and for other projects.