There is Need for More Infrastructure for Broadband Penetration in Nigeria



The current infrastructure for broadband is not adequate for expansion of internet service, this is according to Mr Lanre Ajayi, the President, Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON).

“With low broadband penetration rate and high cost of access to broadband, significant work still remains to be done and significant investments still required to be made. Adequate infrastructure will drive the demand for broadband that would be more affordable and accessible to its end users,” Ajayi was quoted by the Vanguard.

According to Ajayi poor telecom infrastructure coupled with legislative issues are hindering the penetration of high speed internet access.

“We all know that, globally, issues around broadband development have continued to be on the front burner. This is because of the importance of broadband in the provision of various converged service types, especially the growing demand for speed, efficiency and effectiveness in provision of data,” he said.

“Indeed, the association is imploring governments to put in place policies that will drive broadband development and make it the digital right of every citizen through affordability and access.”

Nigeria has a broadband plan that will see it achieve at least 80 per cent penetration by the year 2018. The country is hoping to have internet and technology being used fully in all its sectors by the set date.