Kenya Launches New Portal For Better Resource Allocation In Its 47 Counties


dataKenya’s National Taxpayers Association Monday launched a data portal aimed at collecting satellite information about counties for better resource allocation.

The portal developed by LocateIT Ltd and funded by Pact will map and track all natural resources available in counties and their priority needs. It will also capture county’s different priority needs as collected from residents using mobile phones across the country’s 47 counties.

Earlier on, the portal was piloted in Kakamega County where allocation of the Constituency Development Fund is guided by satellite information. using smartphones and desktops, the portal has up-to-date county maps, information on state of natural resources, public infrastructure, economic activities and social amenities.

NTA National Co-ordinator Martin Napisa told the Business Daily that,“The numerous cases where millions of shillings are being allocated to non-priority areas such as cars and governors’ housing indicate that devolution can only make sense if counties have timely information,”

The portal is expected to help counties develop independent strategic plans, increase public participation and boost county revenue collection.  Details like school enrolment, staffing, physical facilities as well as the state of sanitation in a particular institution can also be captured.

Users upload their needs into the web portal depending on their priorities such as water,roads, sanitation, health, energy, education, agriculture, environment and security among others.