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Nigeria’s Launches New Game For Windows Phone | Hits Over 1 Million Downloads

by Sam Wakoba
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funbitsNigeria’s gaming startup, Gamsole has said it has passed one million downloads on the windows phone store, making it a titan of its own in an industry that is steadily hitting up in Nigeria and continent-wide.

Olaniran Elijah Abiola, Gamesole’s founder told TechMoran that their games have been downloaded so much mainly because they are fun to play and pass time.

Abiola also added that Gamesole has a huge market outside Africa where they are based.

“We got a lots of downloads from places like China,Brazil e.t.c. Though the games were created in Africa, the market is global. 10 percent of  our downloads came from China, about 20 percent from Brazil and 12 percent from India. In general we got more downloads from emerging markets. We get most Africa downloads from South Africa.”

Gamsole popularly known for games such as Road Blazer, Kazoo,  Mosquito Crasher and Oyo Empire launched a couple of new games this month, Funbits, which is a mobile platform that contains Gamsole’s best games with some more entertaining features.

“Even though it was launched just 2 weeks ago on the Windows Phone Store with both a free version and a premium version for people who don’t want advertisements, Funbits has been enjoying great reviews from users around the world.”

Gamsole in January closed a partnership deal with a global gaming publisher based in Tokyo in a move to up its aim of telling the day-to-day African stories in a unique, fun-filled way.

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