Dimension Data Extends AccessKenya Shareholders Offer


access kenay

Dimension Data has declared that its offer to AccessKenya shareholders has been extended by one day and has said that that the decision made was as a result of the Idd-ul-Fitr public holiday last Friday.

This means that AccessKenya shareholders have until 15th August to conclude their offer acceptance forms, that is, if they wish to accept Dimension Data’s bid of Ksh3 billion to take over 100% of the shares of AccessKenya.

In the month last, the AccessKenya Group Board of Directors announced that it had suggested that its shareholders accept the Ksh3 billion Dimension Data bid to take over the shares of the company.

Capital Markes followed the formal endorsement after it reviewed a Shareholders Circular from the AccessKenya Group Board.  The circular stated that “Having considered the Valuation conducted by Kestrel Capital (East Africa) Limited, the Board of Directors of AccessKenya recommended that the terms of the Offer should be accepted by AccessKenya Shareholders.”