Nigeria’s Mobile Subscribers Surpass the 120 Million Mark



MTN Nigeria has revealed that their earnings and subscribers numbers have increase, supporting the Nigeria’s Communications Commission (NCC) who stated that the mobile subscribers have grown to over 120 million.

Mobile service provider MTN is still well in the lead in terms of the rising numbers, with over 55 million of the country’s citizens on its network. The NCC revealed their Quarterly Summary of Telecoms Subscribers in Nigeria (Sep ’12 – Jun ’13), and showed that MTN had 7.6% growth over the quarter.

In second place came Globacom who has managed to beat out Airtel by more than 4 million subscribers in the highly connected country.  Since last year in September, Globacom and Airtel have been locked in a vicious supremacy battle for the second most popular mobile operator in the West African country.

NCC stated that Globacom ended the quarter with a 4.9 percent increase to over 25-million subscribers while Airtel lost 8.7 percent of their subscribers ending the quarter on 21.5-million users.

The top 5 mobile operators in Nigeria are rounded out by EMTS Limited with 15.3-million subscribers for the quarter, while M‐Tel Limited managed to sustain 258,520 subscribers. The top 5 mobile operators make up 117.41-million subscribers of Nigeria’s mobile landscape of 120.36-million.