Liberia Gives Ultimatum to Kuwait Company, Hits Africa to Pay up License Fee



The Liberian Telecommunication Authority has issued a 30 day ultimatum to Kuwait company Hits Africa to pay up US$4 million or have its license suspended.

Mr. Abdallah Sbeiti said that the company had received the notice from LTA and the matter will be taken up by the shareholders of the company.

This compounds the challenge that the company has been facing in paying their staff for the last seven months.

The problem with non-payment of staff could indicate the position the company is in as to its bottom line.

“Some employees have even been evicted from their homes due to their inability to meet rent obligations while the children cannot enroll this semester because they have no source of income in the post-war country,” Mr. John Nyemah Natt,  President of the National Teamster Union, said.

He is also heading the negotiation with the company’s finance team to resolve the issue with the worker’s salary.