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15-Year-Old Nigerian Kid Launches New Social Network

imongoA 15-year-old high school student from Nigeria’s Hillcrest School Jos has  launched a social network dubbed Imongo, for users to discover, connect and get informed and entertained.
Open to people from all works of life, The Imongo allows users to discover new friends, connect with the people in their life, share, discover music, videos and movies, pictures, and keep in touch with what’s happening.
The student, Terkura Ephraim Unongo says the platform now has over 2900 members and is attracting more.
Unongo who confesses to have been around the Internet for long building websites and marketing products over social media was inspired by networks and companies like Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and now believes he can take on the big wigs.
The network build on the GROU.PS Platform has user profiles, a Newsfeed, a @ mention tool and a hashtag “#” just like giant social networking site Facebook. It also has Activity Points – ranks according to user activity carried for them to be popular and get noticed on the “People” page.
The social network also has a Blog section, for users to write about happenings or follow what is happening according to their interest while Wikis are interactive learning pages on different topics. Users can also view Pics from events, members photo albums, galleries or places. Users can also add videos, share them or watch shared videos on the social network. They can also chat with their friends online.
LAGbook, now Available.fm was also build on the GROU.PS platform and has over 2 million members from around the world before its owners sold the ownership rights to the name LAGbook and the domain names www.lagbook.com and lagbook.net.