South Africa’s PublicBeta Injects Its Own $100 To Fuel Growth



Startup PublicBeta has injected its own $100, 000 according its founder Adii Pienaar.

Pienaar who early founded WooThemes, a leading WordPress theme and plug-in provider said PublicBeta will be an online education community to help entrepreneurs by listening to  successful entrepreneurs share their experiences, tips, tricks and techniques that have lead them to where they are.

A self-confessed organic entrepreneur, when it came to a new startup idea post WooThemes, Piennaar started head-hunting a potential CTO, lined-up potential investors who learned about the technical aspects of his new eCommerce venture and even realized synergies with WooThemes.

Although “an obvious idea to pursue” after three months he pulled the plug realizing that the original project was more about the size of the opportunity than his passion for it.

It was when he began to start from scratch that Pienaar came to PublicBeta, a project that better reflects the kind of entrepreneur he is and allows him to exercise his ability to do it on his own without external funding.

“Self-funding and bootstrapping PublicBeta is my way of conquering that fear and self-doubt,”  acknowledges Pienaar.

One can sign up to get early access to PublicBeta and start learning from some of the very best now.