Tesco,UK Supermarket Giant To Sell Its Own-Branded Tablet



Tesco, a supermarket giant which is based in the UK is said to be planning to launch its own range pf tablet devices with sales starting in time for Christmas.

The device set to be made by the supermarket is believed to be of “high quality” similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, which retails in the UK for around 130 pounds.

Tesco itself was once the attacker as it moved into adding books and DVDs to its supermarkets, taking away sales of the mainstream blockbuster titles from the dedicated book and music stores.

The tablets are now the next big thing in the giant as it has seen the sales of the other products decline thanks to the rise e-books and tablets with dedicated links to their own online app stores.

Tesco’s own tablet is will also have apps for Tesco’s digital grocery and banking products and Blinkbox, its own internet film and music service.

It has done well out of its MVNO service, so there is ample opportunity for cross selling the tablets to its mobile customer base, and the company can tie mobile content purchases through the tablets to its own loyalty card discount scheme.