CEO Weekends: MasterCard, WorldSIM Return to Unveil Anzisha Prize 2013 Winners


Anzisha Finalists

This year’s Anzisha Prize winners will be unveiled on August 30th in Johannesburg South Africa. The finalist aged between 15 to 22 years will be gunning to bag a prize money worth, US$75,000.

This year’s awards have been supported by WorldSIM, a worldwide roaming services provider. MasterCard has also partnered in the event organized by African Leadership Academy.

Arif Reza, CEO at WorldSIM, shared, “The work that The African Leadership Academy have been doing is really inspiring and WorldSIM are pleased to be able to support this worthwhile cause.”

WorldSIM, specialists in international roaming products, will be donating roaming SIM cards to enable young entrepreneurs to communicate globally. With free roaming in over 90 countries, greatly reduced calls and data roaming, students will be able to save up to 85% on their mobile bills.

“Over the next 50 years, this not for profit organization will focus on developing young entrepreneurs into leaders; working together to address Africa’s challenges to create a brighter future for the nation. Aiming to grow a network of 6,000 leaders, the ALA is an inspirational cause that WorldSIM are proud to support,” African Leaders Academy said.

Here is a list of the 2013 Finalists.