Egypt’s Wants To See Masses Employed Using Big Data


splinter.me_.im_ is a platform for professionals and employers that use the benefits of big data and social recruiting. It’s an online platform for job seekers as well as employees. A start-up that was born out of necessity has turned to be a top notch among its counterparts in Africa.

This is what Ahmed Mohamed El-Hossaini, CEO and Founder of said when asked how he got the idea regarding;

In 2009 my brother asked me to design his CV since he was thinking about changing jobs. I asked him, don’t you have a LinkedIn account, he said no. So I tried to find my old CV design but I couldn’t and I told, lets try to find a free service that can collect some info from social networks to bootstrap your CV and then we fill some info and perhaps choose from available themes or designs if available. But we couldn’t find such service.

And it hit me, professional profiles lack the social data integration, they lack keeping track of your online social activities that are related to your line of work. And so the idea began to formalize from that point.” main focus is to provide the most complete and rich profiles for professionals  by providing professionals with profiles that integrates with more than 15 social network and offering automatic updating of your profile without the need to manually add stuff like new job position or new github project for recruiters.

Unlike its competitors, it solves the problem of social data integration which other professional profile lack.

According to the CEO, “currently there is the ‘Splinter Lookup’ which is similar to Facebook graph search so you can easily search for talents using natural language expressions like ‘Splinters who use cakephp and live in Egypt’. And we’re currently working on ‘Splinter Tracking System’ which utilizes the huge amount of data we collect from social networks to give recruiters even more tools to reach out and track splinters.” has also partnered with the startup community, this was announced by Bill Zimmerman, the Co-Founder of VC4Africa and an early adopter of

To sum it up, is a product that covers the entire pipeline of the hiring process with deep integration with social networks and this is one of a kind of all the products out there now.

Story by Kingsley. Image VC4Africa