Arab and North Africa Streaming Service, ICFLIX Expands Its Market to North America



ICFLIX, a streaming service in Middle East and North Africa has began its subscription service for the US Market.

The streaming channel that brings Bollywood and Arabic movies to its viewers will have more viewership with its flagship launch in North America.

Registered members will be able to access the Bollywood and Jazwood library on the go or at home via a wide range of internet connected devices, including computers, smart TVs, smart phones, tablets and very soon gaming consoles, all for US$4.99 a month.

“We have a great selection of Jazwood and Bollywood content available for people of all ages. We believe Arabic and Hindi content have the potential to appeal to a globalized audience” said Carlos Tibi, Founder and CEO of ICFLIX.

The service is similar to American companies such as NetFlix and Hulu which are primarily on Western entertainment.