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Livefyre Acquires Storify


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Livefyre and Storify have become one item after storyify was acquired by Livfyre. This they say will enhance the quality of their service as they are working to be the worlds leading social curation company.

Having been created three year ago, Storify have kept their promise of amplifying the voices that matter as well as finding meaning in the noise and making the web tell a story.

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“We still firmly believe that social media is changing not only the news but fundamentally how media works everywhere, and we’ve seen this reflected in the stories that more than 850,000 Storify users have created so far,” says Storify.

Livefyre on the other hand started by building a commenting system for websites, and are now powering real-time conversation and social curation for more than 400 major publishers, media companies and brands online. Their network sees more than 1 billion page views per month.

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“By joining Livefyre, we’ll become part of a larger company with more resources, a strong technical infrastructure and experienced enterprise sales team. Storify will be able to give journalists, bloggers, publishers, brands and agencies even more of the features they’ve been asking for,” says Storify

In the future, we plan to integrate Storify’s VIP product into Livefyre’s enterprise offerings, giving publishers and brands an easy way to blend social media into everything they do.

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Caroline Vutagwa
Caroline Vutagwa
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