East Africa Data Centre aims at serving banks, mobile network operators, ISPs and cloud solutions providers and will be managed separatetly from its sister companies which include Liquid Telecom Kenya.

Connected to Tata, Level3 and Seacom, the new data centre promises to beat all the biggest challenges faced by data centres in Africa such as connectivity, security and flexibility. It has a TIA-942 with 99.982% guaranteed availability of service and redundancy, constant power supply and cooling, flexibility, on-site support, and size of 500 square metres of useable whitespace and 160 racks per floor.

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Dan Kwach, General Manager at East Africa Data Centre, said “Quality data centres are an important element in the creation of an independent African telecoms infrastructure. Our significant investment in this data centre has been driven by demand from across Africa. By keeping African data in Africa we continue to help build Africa’s digital future”.

Why has it taken so long for Africa to have own data centres? Is it due to an electricity problem?