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Prepare For IBM’s $150M TechStartup Camp in SA

by Caroline Vutagwa
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The second annual Tech Start-up Smart Camp worth $150-million  of investment is here, IBM South Africa has announced its second annual Tech is here again, announces IBM. The camp’s main aim is to create entrepreneurs and new business opportunities

The programme is meant to attract start-ups that are privately held, have been in business for five or less years and are actively engaged in developing a software based product or service. The programme will assist in qualifying early stage entrepreneurs capture growing business opportunities faster.

“Adding fuel to these companies spark of innovation means we help these start-up companies bring technologies that tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues – such as healthcare, water management and efficient energy resources – to market faster. At the same time we strengthen our ability in new technology areas such as cloud, mobile and big data analytics,” adds Booysen.

The response in regards to the program which was introduces to the country has been positive, said the Clayton Booysen, ISV and developer relations lead for IBM South Africa, it already has more than 20 African start-ups that have accepted already.

The highlight of the programme is the SmartCamp, where the best start-up internationally is selected and mentored, services, access to industry experts and deeper partnership opportunities from IBM, venture capital firms and industry partners.

The smart camp has been successful, as the participants have received more than $115-million in venture capital and angel funding following their work with IBM.

The event will be held in Johannesburg between 9th and 10th October this year. It will bring together the finalist entrepreneurs together with investors and experienced mentors who want to build a Smarter Planet.

It is a good thing that companies are now doing almost the same thing, to them it is a competition but to the ordinary person it is a new opportunity regardless of the host, it may be the solution to the unemployment situation most especially Africa.

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