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Businesses Losing Out Due to Poor Mobile Commerce Integration

Image from masterthenewnet.com
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Image from masterthenewnet.com
Image from masterthenewnet.com

A new report by SAP indicates that most businesses are losing out on potential business as their mobile presence in not felt, with a growing demand for mobile commerce.

The research carried out in 17 countries including South Africa show an unmet demand for mobile commerce, with more than eight out of 10 consumers asking for more mobile interactions with banks, telcos, retailers, utilities and other businesses

“Consumers are now ready and demanding more mobile commerce services, and they also expect to engage with their mobile phones more simply and effectively,” said Anthony Reynolds, senior vice president, Worldwide Mobile Sales and Solutions at SAP.

The African continent, fondly known as a mobile first continent, is expanding its access to the internet through mobile phones more than any other means.

There are going to be over 1 billion mobile phone users in Africa with majority being smartphones and feature phones which have access to mobile internet.

“While progress is being made, companies must make a collective effort to provide consumers ease of use and benefits for mobile interactions and transactions, such as available technology, security and incentives,” Reynolds said.

“On its current trajectory, mobile occupies a tempting combination of an all-in-one communication channel, loyalty card, cash, location tracker and credit card, offering brands and companies the opportunity to connect to consumers either exclusively via mobile or as part of a multi-channel mix.”

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