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Apple Is Now More Valuable Than Coke

by Caroline Vutagwa
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For 13 years in a row, Coca-Cola has been the world most valuable brand and has lost the title to Apple, taking the third position after Google taking the second position.

This is the first time in Interbrand’s 14 year old “Best Global Brands ” report not having coke as the No. brand.

according to the Omnicom Group-owned branding firm, Apple’s name increased in worth by about 30 percent in 2012 to $98.3 billion, while Google’s brand worth is $93.2 billion and coke charts at $79.2 billion. The top 10 according to Interbrand are:-

Apple  – $98.3 billion

Google – $93.2 billion

Coca-Cola – $79.2 billion

 IBM – $78.8 billion

Microsoft -$59.5 billion

General Electric – $46.9 billion

 McDonalds’s – $41.9 billion

 Samsung – $39.6 billion

 Intel – $37.2 billion

 Toyota – $35.3 billion


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