CEO Weekends: Conduct Telecommunications Launches Fibre Network In Cape Town


fibre optic

South Africa’s Conduct Telecommunications has launched its fibre-ready area in Cape Town after launching in Claremont.

The open-access fibre will be supplied to businesses in Cape Town  and then Stellenbosch, Westlake, Muizenburg, Tygerberg, Bellville and Milnerton.

According to the company’s CEO Johan Pretorius: “There is sufficient network capacity deployed in the cities by several operators, we are not duplicating this. The problem is getting from these fibre routes into the buildings and to the end customer. This is where we are focusing on closing the gap. While this has been happening and as adoption of fibre steadily grows, it remains relatively expensive to most enterprises. However, by installing on risk, we leverage economies of scale to improve efficiency and drive down costs, which in turn sparks adoption.”

All service providers will access network equally and occupants will have many options to choose from. The Fibre Optic network offers close to limitless bandwidth capabilities, has excellent reliability and provides occupants with the possibility of fast, world-class services.

Pretorius said the launch will help in the adoption of fibre and beat the high costs involved. The service providers will supply anywhere between 2Mbps and 1Gbps connections to businesses.