Developing Story: Jumia Nigeria Employees Claim Terrible Abuses | Claim Firm Wholly Sold

Jumia co-founders nigeria and in the middle Ms Omotola Johnson
 Rocket Internet backed Jumia Nigeria is in the news for the wrong reasons today. A former employee of the e-commerce firm is claiming the firm rancorously abuse its staff with long working hours and frequent sacking without notice.

Nigeria CommunicationsWeek is reporting that  Uche Ajene, former Jumia Nigeria, head of Marketing said the firm is hiring and firing Nigerians at will. Ajene added that  “in 2012, 50 members of staff were fired, then more were hired, then more fired again, the total number of staff fired in this period was over 100.”

The paper claims the Co-founders, who sold their firm to Rocket Internet are like puppets being controlled by masters pulling their strings. The report adds that the CEOS are just waiting to cash out on their cheque, and present staff are just pawns to be used till the time comes.

Jumia co-founders nigeria and in the middle Ms Omotola Johnson
Jumia co-founders nigeria and in the middle Hon Mrs Omobola Johnson Minister for Communications & Technology

She told the paper:“They never leave you even after they “fire” you, but continue to follow you to your new place of work trying to ensure you never get another chance at working.  The company leaves out its investor’s code – hire, fire, move and dispose with rocket speed. They sack staff and hire like the wind.”Ajene who is planning to use Jumia joined the firm last year August from MIH Internet where she was a Marketing Manager for Kalahari and Dealfish Nigeria.

Nairaland, Africa’s top online forum also has a thread of the allegations.

Some users are supporting Jumia, claiming the employees should have come out early while others say the startup needs help as eCommerce is a new business front in the country. Others claim that’s how it is in all private companies in Nigeria.

Just recently Nigeria’s iROKO Partners fired the CEO of its music platform iROKING for alleged misconduct though the former CEO refuted the claims and accused the firm of labour abuse. Jumia investors include Summit Partners, Millicom and JP Morgan Asset Management.

TechMoran knows it would be interesting to hear Jumia Nigeria’s version of the facts and we are waiting for the firm’s response.

Meanwhile you can read about Google employees rants here as we wait for Jumia’s response.