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CEO Weekends: Mark Allewell Steps Down as CEO of SA’s Tourism Radio

Hayden Braddock (left) and Mark Allewell (right) at Tourism Radio New Zealand
Hayden Braddock (left) and Mark Allewell (right) at Tourism Radio New Zealand

Tourism Radio pioneer, Mark Allewell has stepped down as the CEO of Tourism Radio and will be replaced by the co-founder Hayden Braddock who is also the Managing Director of Tourism Radio in New Zealand.

For over eight years, Allewell has been overseeing the operations and growth of the company has gives hundreds of audio tour guides in multiple cities.

Allewell will also take time off the business even though he will still retain all his interests in the business.

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“I plan to take a year’s sabbatical with my new family to explore the world, starting from the 1st of February, 2014, and look forward to watching Hayden take the company to new heights,” he said.

“It was through Mark’s vision and tenacity that Tourism Radio became the company that it is today, delivering cutting-edge technology to tourists and the travel industry at large. Although Mark will be leaving the company from a day-to-day operational capacity, he will hold a prominent position on our advisory board, and we will have access to his wealth of knowledge,” Braddock said.

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