NCC aids last mile wireless access and connectivity with 2.3GHz spectrum license auction


Executive Vice President of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Eugene Juwah has revealed that the commission is set to support last mile wireless access and connectivity with the deployment of fibre optic broadband when it finally auctions the remaining slots in the 2.3GHz spectrum license.

He revealed this in a chat with CEOs of telecoms companies operating in Nigeria.

“The commission will go on to auction the available 2.3GHz spectrum license to aid last mile wireless access on a wholesale basis, and the last-mile connectivity will be deployed using wireless and fibre optic broadband,” Juwah said.

He added that the spectrum would the nation tackle the high cost of internet access in addition to supporting the achievement of 80% internet penetration by 2017.

Juwah said: “The objective of the initiative is to stimulate a new national broadband network that is not only widespread but also faster and more secured than what is available today so as to boost other aspects of the Nigerian economy.”

He also spoke on the goal to turn the Nigerian economy into a knowledge-based economy by 2020 through Information and Communications Technology (ICT).

He said: “The Nigerian vision 20:2020 economic transformation blueprint is a long term plan for stimulating Nigeria’s economy growth and launching the country onto a path of sustained and rapid social-economic development.”