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Google Launches Super-First Fibre Internet in Uganda

by Sam Wakoba
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Google-logo1Google has launched project Link in Uganda to enable residents get access to fast and reliable internet access.

 The move, announced yesterday and dubbed Project Link, is a super-fast, high-capacity fiber network that will enable mobile operators and Internet service providers to connect users in Uganda to a faster, more reliable Internet.

According to Google, Project Link will connect the ISPs long-distance fiber lines, equipping them with near-unlimited capacity to build and expand services to Ugandans. Google’s decision to launch Project Link was to strengthen Africa’s Internet supply chain which is being served by undersea cables across the continent. The firm also added that it has built quality infrastructure between Africa’s undersea cables to its Project Link  for greater speed and capacity for the latest and greatest of the web.

“Project Link goes beyond basic access,” Kai Wulff, Google’s Access Field Director said in a blogpost. “It enables local providers to offer new mobile data plans or high-speed Internet for office buildings and universities, and support newer technologies as they come to market. For Kampala, we hope it’s a foundation to support the needs of a new crop of entrepreneurs and innovators: the media-rich projects of a successful musician, fast connections for local hospitals, or new digital learning tools for students.”

With just 16 percent of over one billion accessing internet in Africa, Project Link will help connect Kampala’s 3 million people to news, job opportunities, eCommerce, innovations and content creation.

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