Kenya to Host US Power Africa Project



Nairobi is set to be the host of the US Power Africa Project, announced by American President Barack Obama in his last visit to the continent.

The project as set out by the US president aims to inject about 5000MW in the power grid of six countries including: Kenya and Tanzania, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Liberia

The initiative’s headquarters will be at the US Embassy in Nairobi. Which the coordinator of Power Africa and Trade Africa, Mr Andrew Herscowitz, said it was the first time a US presidential initiative will be led from the field.

“For the first phase, the US government has committed over Sh602 billion ($7 billion) in financial support and loan guarantees in addition to the coordinated support of other 12 US government agencies for the entire region,” Mr Herscowitz said.

The American government has committed to spend Sh604,099,766,213 over the next five years for this project that expected to touch millions of lives in Sub Saharan Africa.