Kenyan Broadcasters: Four Copy Cat Programmes Instances


 Copy cat

You have probably noticed the copy cat game going on with the local television production. Some would say its lack of creativity others would say that it is an indication on what people want to see. Here are some of the top copy cat television productions in recent history.

1.      Property Show vs N-Soko Property Show

The Property Show came first and took the nation by storm. Originally being screened on Zuku, the show was opted in by NTV and subsequently went to Kenya Television Network. To this response, NTV created its own property show, N-Soko Property Show to give its former show a competition. Both try and maintain their own identity but we can see what is happening here.

2.      Hapa Kule News vs Offside News

For Hapa Kule enthusiasts, a new show is in the offing on NTV similarly feeding on fringe news in Kenya. Hapa Kule started on a slow note but now has gathered a huge following, reinstating liked sheng (corrupted Kiswahili) terms. We are yet to see if Offside will chip away any audience form Hapa Kule.

3.      Wedding Show vs Samantha Bridal vs Weddings with Baileys

The Battle for the wedding scene is going down to the wire since a new entrant into the wedding shows scene. One name has to feature: Noni Gathoni. She has to be the pioneer in wedding shows, even though, Samantha Bridal took the glam away from Citizen’s Wedding Show. Noni is back to take her crown in a new show to be launched today on NTV: Weddings with Baileys.

4.      Mali vs Lies that Bind

Both started as the premier soap opera in the Kenyan television space. One story was similar to both series: The family sole provider dies throwing family members into a mix of war on inheritance. The shows have since then drifted to take a life of their own.

So what is your thought? Coincidence, serious competition or lack of creativity?