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RIP Nelson Mandela; A Tribute To A Great African

by Ifeanyi Abraham
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Nelson Mandela

 “@nnamdiarea: The worst thing about Mandela’s death will be the long, dull speeches by African leaders who want to praise him but not learn from him”

As I sat watching CNN last night, I couldn’t help but share the same sentiment expressed in the tweet above, but a few hours later I have come to the conclusion that nothing can spoil this. Not even the insincere speeches of some African/World leaders.

The true measure of a man lies in how he is remembered when he is gone and today we pay tribute to this great African.

Former South African President and one of Africa’s greatest statesmen Nelson Rolihlahla “Madiba” Mandela died at age 95 on Thursday after months of fighting illness and lung infection, as confirmed by South African authorities.

Nelson Mandela

Today we pay tribute to this great man and father of Africa and as Sim Shagaya, CEO of has put it;

Africa has lost a father.

Your light shone so bright…so very bright.

We felt it’s warm glow as far away as Nigeria.

As you leave us, we wonder,

Where are the other good men?

Go well old man…You have done your part.

It is up to us now.

Mandela was a force of hope to not just Africans but to the World. He was known for many things but his compassion and progress through peaceful resistance stood him out. His contributions and the number of people he inspired are innumerable.

Today we pay tribute to a great African. Goodbye Mandela.

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