CEO Weekends: Samsung Launches Academic Programs In Ethiopian Engineering Institute


Samsung’s new Engineering Academy in Addis Ababa Institute of Technology has now for the first time kicked off its academic programs with the first class of 60 students, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Ethiopian government 18 months earlier.

“We understood we are selling a lot more products in Ethiopia, as  well as Africa.,” noted East Africa Samsung MD Robert Ngeru, adding that looking at growing in Ethiopia would mean having  engineers who can support the products sold such as mobile phones, fridges, TVs that can be serviced.

As Samsung’s academies spread through Africa finding their way into Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, the Addis Ababa Academy in Ethiopia marks the fourth of its kind in Africa. According to Ngeru, the at the Ethiopian based academy, programs were launched in a bid to promote growth in technology, innovation, and transformation, while  create job opportunities.

Indeed, the opening of the academic programs would transform the university into a tech survey institute, concurred Dr. Admasu Tsegaye, President of Addis Ababa University.

“We are working hard to improve our graduate programs and until we  build our own capacity, we are forming consortium with foreign investors in order to run our graduate programs efficiently and effectively,” he  said in an interview.

In all, the trainings Samsung is providing would be free of charge, noted to Ngeru.