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Online real estate is increasingly gaining acceptance in Nigeria – Dapo Eludire

by Paul Adepoju
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A real estate expert has expressed satisfaction about the current state of real estate in Nigeria. According to Dapo Eludire, many Nigerians are embracing online real estate services providers in Nigeria for their property needs.

In an exclusive interview, Dapo said the sub-sector just like their counterparts in ecommerce, are gradually overcoming the distrust that had limited the embracement of online transactions in Nigeria.

He said the success of the sector could be seen in the increasing number of online real estate companies that are springing up, each providing various services in the nation’s budding online real estate sub-sector.

“The acceptance of online real estate is on the rise,” Dapo said.

He noted that the acceptance is connected to the rise in internet penetration in Nigeria and the ease that technology brings to the various aspects of human endeavors and Nigeria’s economy. He added that there is a significantly increased understanding among Nigerians on the proper usage of the internet.

He said: “Technology has made things easy. These days, almost everyone has at least a smartphone and many people understand the proper usage of internet. Internet has deeply penetrated into the Nigerian economy.”

He also revealed that conventional real estate agents are also adopting online real estate quickly.

“Agents are highly interested and they are using the platform to conduct their search and to advertise their companies,” he said.

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