Text Sharing Apps Violates Mobile Operator’s Terms & Conditions



The android text-sharing apps have proven popular due to their ability to send unlimited numbers of text messages, as well as reward phone owners for each text they relay.

This has however raised complaints from mobile operators who claim violation of their terms and conditions since routing text messages through a phone makes it cheap to deliver text message to its destination including across boundaries worldwide.

The sheer number of text messages passing through phones could cause phone owners problems as well since the operators have the capability to block the number.

“There is a huge market in sending text messages as cheaply as possible around the world; you cannot resell your message plan operators have terms and conditions for a reason.” said Cahal McDavid from mobile security firm Adaptive Mobile.

Bazuc one of the message- relaying Android apps spokesman said it told participants to ensure that the daily limit of messages they send is not set too high. “We are fully aware that mobile operators are not going to be a big fan of this app, we’re simply trying to help people out there make some extra money.”

Mobile owners receive $0.001 for every text relayed therefore a customer using multiple phones uses the app to cash in. The act is breach of terms of the mobile operators contract which could easily lead to service suspension.