MTN Ghana Cohorts With GeoPoll



MTN Ghana has partnered with GeoPoll in a move to allow its customers share their views via SMS with GeoPoll survey teams and in turn earn airtime credit.

So how does this thing work; GeoPoll will send short, free-to-respond, easy-to-answer questions directly to subscribers’ phones on various social and developmental issues.  Within a few minutes, respondents are able to complete polls helping organizations around the world better understand their opinions, interest, and ideas.  Upon completion of the surveys, mobile subscribers are eligible to receive airtime as compensation.

The Chief Marketing Officer of MTN, Rahul De, described the GeoPoll service as a unique and innovative service that will further drive the socio-economic development of Ghana by making the concerns of ordinary citizens known to government as well as to international bodies such as the United Nations and African Development Bank. The polls can also be used to help track the impact of donor funds on communities.

 “We are very excited to help bring the voice of Ghanaians to the world stage to address important local and global challenges.  We have been blown away by the outstanding response GeoPoll has already received in Ghana,” said James Eberhard, CEO of Mobile Accord, the parent company of GeoPoll.