SmartCharge Bulbs Launch to Save You From Electricity Power Outages


A small startup company with just two employees is set to launch the world’s first bulb that works during power outages, the team from India says the bulb will keep lights on even during power cuts to bring “Peace of mind”.

Dubbed SmartCharge, the 5W bulb will be first of its kind and is build for emerging markets where electricity power is not as constant.

“We aim to pioneer the emerging world of LED lighting with our technology, by making products in the consumer and small business lighting space providing safety and convenience. We were founded in 2012, and the 5 W SmartCharge™ LED Bulb is our first product,” the firm said in its Kickstarter campaign,expected to aid in production of their product for the mass market.

d241600180af7a59c6ffe10e7a64dfba_largeCountries in Africa have serious power outages, with the longest lasting over 8 hours on a single day, this new bulb works whether there is a power outage or not as globally we all depend on light bulbs for lights.The team will therefore replace candles, flashlights and other emergency lighting people use during power outages and avoid losing productivity or causing accidents .

It works like a normal light bulb even during power outages. said Shailendra Suman co-founder. “With proprietary patent pending Grid & Switch Sensor technology, the SmartCharge™ Bulb senses a power outage, recognizes the ON/OFF position of your light switch and allows control of the light even with no utility/grid power.”

“When the power goes out, the lights go out. The garage door won’t open, kitchen appliances won’t work, and the lamps in your house are useless. But with the SmartCharge™ Bulbs, you’ll never have to worry about being in the dark again. Your lights will continue to operate and even better, you can control them with your wall and lamp switches.Simply replace any existing light bulb with a SmartCharge™ LED Bulb. There’s no extra wiring, no ugly control box, no remote control or expensive electrical installation required,” he added.

f6b384ea622fbb8633b90f1ea0c07884_largeThe SmartCharge™ Bulbs will give users ability to work under continous light, they won’t even notice a power outage. The bulb has a battery, control technology, intelligence, CPU, memory, inverter, and a printed circuit board. The result, an intelligent light bulb, which is immune to grid power.

The intelligent knows when power goes, turns itself ON or OFF automatically and has a system to detect when the owners are home or not so as to conserve its power from its battery when needed. Once power is restored, the bulb’s battery recharges itself to make sure you’re ready for another power outage or emergency.

The SmartCharge™ Bulb helps cut electricity usage for lighting by up to 90%, saving you money and reducing the impact on the environment.