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After a long spell of uncalled for deaths and livestock losses to farmers in Kenya, a digital pen technology to be used by veterinary officers for immediate report to the capital about any disease outbreak has been rolled out.

Unlike the past manual reporting processes, the digital pen technology reports about the outbreak to the capital in ten seconds saving on lengthy time taken to launch solutions also making the process less tedious.

The innovative tool needs with it an internet enabled phone and a digital paper which has commands interlinked with the pen also inbuilt start and end command boxes. On ticking the start box, the Bluetooth in the pen is activated  and will therefore note anything that will be written on the paper using the camera on it and on clicking the end box, the pen stores information in its memory chip.

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One of the innovators, Dr. Kahariri Samuel “Time is everything when it comes to curbing of deadly diseases like Rift valley fever or anthrax and therefore the faster a disease is detected and reported, then the less it may spread hence less economic losses.”

The gadget first initiated by United Nation agricultural agency; Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and has been piloting in Kenya for the last 4 years in 29 districts. Currently, over 80 districts depending on livestock with plans to spread the gadget use countrywide underway.

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The technology pen has so far assisted in detecting and containing some of the fatal diseases on time increasing on productivity by reducing endemic animal diseases.

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