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Electronic Study: Tap Water In Africa Contains Traces Of Benzene

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As families return to the city after Christmas holidays, they would not only need to focus on dieting, but perhaps think of turning back to their traditional ways of fetching water. A modern electronic study that tested tap and borehole water samples from some African countries like Uganda, found traces of benzene in drinking water.
“My estimation is that parts per billion or less, parts per trillion are involved. But significant is that the fact that none, not even parts per quadrillion, were found in United states water nor in water samples obtained in Israel, Germany, England, Spain or Canada,” noted Dr. Clark, the lead researcher and inventor of a device which electronics enthusiasts like Eng. Arthur Doerksen of Tools for Healing hope to improve, so as to detect less than parts per quadrillion in substances, giving a positive or a negative result, Christened the Sync-Rho-Meter.
In the study, eleven bottles of water from Uganda underwent the analysis. Seven out of eleven bottle samples were found to contain traces of benzene and high levels of chlorine bleach, which not only has a high detoxifying effect but could affect the bone marrow, in turn lowering immunity and causing cancer. Nevertheless, the equipment known as a Sync-Rho-Meter may help build safeguards to ensure safe manufacturing procedures when it comes to treating basic needs like water, concur electronic enthusiasts. “This project is still incomplete, but may be completed in the future,” noted Doerksen.
This Sync-Rho-Meter which is battery operated, generally works like an audio-oscilloscope circuit with two open plate capacitors that makes a squeaky sound when a test sample tests positive for a toxin or other substances.
In the study, based on the analysis, three samples of water from three underground borehole plants including one that supplied water in different districts in Uganda were found to contain traces of benzene. These water sources were reported to have been dug deep into ground for more than 30 to 90 metric meters, in which a hand pump is normally installed to lift the water to the surfaces, then treated with bleach.

A sample from City Water Supply of the country’s capital was also found to have traces of benzene. However, city water supply tap water that was boiled and stored, was found not to contain traces of benzene. It was assumed that heating the Clorox bleach would have activated it first enough for it to destroy the dyes and benzene impurities, noted the study.

Also in the study, three mineral water samples out of the eleven bottles of water were also found to contain traces of benzene. Yet, mineral bottle water is a commercial source that has become common in the market, represented under several brand names by different manufacturers, noted the report. Interestingly, in contrast with the pictures and names of the labels glued onto the bottles, it was discovered that nearly all manufactures obtained their waters from an underground source.

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But the two samples of water obtained from shallow wells were not found to contain traces of benzene. The shallow well water source was noted to have come from an underground level less than 30 metric meters, often privately owned, of which, individuals use ropes attached to a bucket, lowered manually as other sources use an electric pump installed and plastic piping connected to a water reservoir.

In all, the study concluded that the best solution for water treatment industries would be to stop using impure bleach as an addition to the drinking water thus eliminating traces of benzene. For the time being, families in homes are urged to boil then filter their water.

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However,  these findings have faced criticisms, some of which have led to court charges for fraud. But that has not stopped other electronics enthusiasts like Doerksen continue to improving Dr. Clark’s inventions while carrying out research.

Arthur Doerksen together with his wife Lyne are, the designers and manufacturers of the Sync-Rho-Meter among other gadgets. Arthur has spent years working to help people take control of their own health in addition to advocating for the consumption of clean water.

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For details of the study and the modern equipment, they can be contacted on Tel: +1 888-257-4273, Fax 888-257-4273 or email [email protected] Shallowford, Chattanooga, Tenesee USA.

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