Celebrations Kenya Wants to be Kenya’s Biggest Online Directory for Weddings & Events

celebrationskenyaFounded in 2011,CelebrationsKenya.com wants to be the country’s premier online directory for weddings and events giving readers important contacts of service providers for their big day and also giving the service providers a platform to reach out to the public.
According to the founder Christina Engell Andersen, a University of Cape Town graduate and also Head of the digital at Yolanda Tavares Public Relations, ” Celebrations Kenya is the premier online website directory for weddings & events in Kenya. Our aim is to help you plan your wedding or event from start to finish with a wealth of information,” she writes on the site.
Yolanda Tavares Public Relations is a Kenyan communications, public relations programmes and event management and fundraising firm formed in 1986.
With info on where to get wedding accomodation, Bar services, bridal accessories, cakes, catering services, dance lessons, DJs, Decor, where to have your honeymoon among others, the platform helps users to prepare and plan for their weddings in time and conveniently.
402850_418234548223052_249656913_nThe platform also gives advice on how to spend the wedding budget, doing wedding DIY solutions and how to decorate among others.

“Weddings these days are becoming more about making a statement. In which ever you look at it. A statement of displaying your love to your nearest & dearest, or a statement of showing just how lavish a couple you actually are. Regardless, weddings are all about the details and making your guests have a memorable experience,” they write on their site.
1554545_621954174517754_1089749419_nApart from wedding advice, they also inform users on venues which they say are one of the most important aspects of any wedding. From urban venues to venues in the wild such as tented wilderness camps, riverbanks or remote safari lodges, the platform has them all. They also have a blog to document their advises interested platform users.