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The worst trends of 2013

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It’s really amazing how fast the year of 2013 came and went. While there are some things we’ll miss about the past year, nobody will miss these 7 terrible trends, I only hope so… coz am addicted to candy crush…

harlem shake

Harlem Shake videos

The world may never know how Harlem Shake videos managed to go viral and stay popular for the better part of 2013. They don’t make sense and they’re certainly not funny. The only people who enjoy them are the people who actually make them, but forcing them on the rest of the world is annoying.


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 Twerking is nothing new. Anyone who’s seen a hip hop video or been to a strip club in the last 20 years will can testify to that. Why is it then that in 2013 90% of the female population decided it was time to post ridiculous videos of themselves committing this act? It took a moderately sexy dance and turned it into an annoying blemish on every social media news feed on the planet.

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The fact that people laying flat on their face in strange places has gained such astounding popularity speaks volumes about the human race as a whole. We are so out of touch with reality that staring at someone in a prone position passes for entertainment.


Instagraming Food Pics

There has never been a time in the history of the human race that anyone has had the thought “I wonder what Billy is having for lunch right now”. You know why? Because no one cares what your food looks like unless you’re going to share. Please internet, stop showing us pictures of what you’re eating. No one cares.

candy crush

Candy Crush Saga

Of all the social media games out there none have gotten to the level of addiction that Candy Crush has. Unlike it’s predecessors Candy Crush Saga encourages you to force the game on your friends in order to keep playing, and while that’s a piece of marketing genius for future generations to admire, it’s annoying for everyone who doesn’t play the game. It’s about time Candy Crush went the way of Angry Birds.


Sagging Skinny Jeans

Remember how stupid everyone looked back in the 90’s when “sagging” your pants was cool? Do you also remember back in 2007 when it became popular for guys to wear skinny jeans and how stupid that looks? Why, oh why, have we decided to combined those two awful fashion trends into one super powered mutant of a fashion freak show? How is it even possible for your pants to fashionably when they’re so tight you need baby oil to get in and out of them? The physics behind it is mind boggling.



If only one trend from 2013 disappears in the New Year it should be YOLO. For many years there was the Latin motto “Carpe Diem” was used to inspire people to make something of themselves and work hard to achieve greatness in the hear and now. In 2013 the phrase was bastardized into YOLO and used to inspire a generation to make poor life decisions all under the guise of wisdom. This is one trend we certainly won’t be sad to see go.

I wonder whats in store for 2014

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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